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Connage - Gouda - 200g


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Connage Gouda is a creamy, well textured cheese that ranges from sweet and mild when young and matures to a stronger firmer texture full of flavour. Within the dairy Connage Gouda is known as Peter’s cheese, as he is the cheesemaker! Lots of children who visit the dairy and Gouda is their favourite…a delicious family cheese.

By popular demand, Connage Gouda has added organic cumin seeds, giving the cheese a wonderful Eastern flavour.

“ Made from cows’ milk, this is a semi-hard cheese with a mild sweet taste. The cows are fed on pastures rich in clover, and you can really taste this in the cheese. I really enjoy it on crackers served with Craigie’s Gooseberry and Rhubarb Chutney. ” -(Sinclair, 2015)