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Arturo Sánchez Jamón Ibérico De Bellota - 80g

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This product is Arturo Sánchez’s soul. The pillar and foundation that has held this legendary Ibérico house since 1917: excellence, craft, honesty, tradition.

Jamon Ibérico de Bellota is a true gastronomic jewel, because each piece is unique: the union of the best raw material, the pure breed pig raised in the best dehesa fields, and the natural curing in our cellars in Guijuelo.

Time is of essence on a product like this: two years of living in freedom, in the dehesa fields, with two seasons to guarantee a double acorn-based feed and its healthy nutritional properties; then, a minimum of 48 months’ curing in Guijuelo, in natural drying sheds, where the cold, dry wind of the Béjar and Gredos mountains do the rest.

Every day is different, a true challenge, and only the deepest knowledge gathered over more than a century of experience by a family who loves their work can guarantee that the 100% Iberian cured acorn ham that reaches your table is unique among the Iberian hams: the essence of a pure, balanced, full flavour. Unforgettable.



Iberico ham should be ideally served at a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius. The reason behind this, is because the ham contains oleic acid which is activated when the ham reaches a temperature of 15 degrees celsius or more. This acid breaks the meat cells making the meat shine and sweat, releasing the full aromas and flavours of the ham.

To serve Arturo Sanchez Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, open the pack and allow the ham to breathe for 30 minutes, just like a bottle good wine. Serve on a warm plate so the ham reaches the ideal serving temperature, and the oleic acid gets activated.

Tip – you can run the pack under hot water for a few minutes, pat dry with a towel and lay the slices of ham spreading them evenly.

The best partner to our acorn-fed ibérico ham with good quality crusty bread and a fine wine