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Bamboo Kitchen Roll by Ecobees - Wash & Re-Use

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Standard kitchen roll is completely non recyclable! So one roll of EcoBees bamboo kitchen roll is the equivalent of 2000 sheets of standard kitchen roll!

Each Roll Contains 20 Sheets - Each Sheet Can be Used up to 100 Times. So each roll provides up to 2000 uses. When your roll finally comes to an end, it is 100% bio-degradable within 3 months. 

Machine Washable - Can be washed separately or with other items

Why Use Bamboo?

  • 1. Bamboo is stronger than paper from standard trees, which means it will not easily rip
  • It is much more renewable than alternatives – bamboo forests can be grown in a few months
  • It self regenerates when cut
  • The roots control soil erosion
  • Bamboo plants reduce up to 35% carbon dioxide in the air