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Blanco Nino Sea Salt White Corn Tortilla Chips - 170g


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There are few places in the Yucatan quite as beautiful as Celestun - a wetland that attracts thousands of flamingos to migrate to its mangroves every winter. It just so happens these lagoons are also home to awesome ancient Mayan salt-flats, where we source salt for our chips. We've partnered with a social enterprise in the Yucatan whose purpose it is to maintain and promote traditional salt harvesting techniques.

Inspired by Mexico
In pursuit of the perfect tortilla, I set out on what would become quite a serendipitous journey across Mexico. Visiting the milpas, molinos and tortillerias, I picked up a new nickname - Blanco Niño - and learnt the secret to making truly authentic tortillas. It's this thousand-year-old recipe that I brought back to Ireland to create the chips you hold in your hand now.
Traditionally Mexican. Unexpectedly Irish.
Philip Martin, Founder

Made the Aztec way
We select the very best non-GMO corn, which we cook then steep overnight, before grinding into a dough called masa using our hand-carved, Mexican volcanic stones.
While still hot, this masa is shaped and baked into tortillas. These are then cut and lightly fried into the most delicious authentic tortilla chips.
Gluten free, No added sugar, Non-GMO, No artificial ingredients, Vegan friendly