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Confit Duck & Waffle Special


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A serious weekend brunch special - but feel free to indulge at any time of the day....  Two of our large home made mochi waffles (these are made with rice flour, so have a lovely satisfying chew, and happen to be gluten free), with two confit duck legs, a box of corrie mains free range duck eggs, and a bottle of our new favourite - Wilderbee hot honey.  This is wildflower honey infused with scotch bonnet chillies, and we love it on everything!

The duck legs have been cured, and slowly confited in duck fat, so all that's required is to put them in a hot oven for 15-20 minutes, lightly toast the waffles, fry a couple of eggs, and top the lot with as much hot honey as you like.  You get a whole bottle of honey, so you'll have plenty left for pizza, grilled meat, or even ice cream.  If this is an evening snack (or you like daytime drinking) we would pair it with a full flavoured beer like Innis & Gunn, or a simple whisky cocktail.