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Forth Coffee - Roasted in Edinburgh

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Forth Coffee are based across the road from us in Newbridge, Edinburgh where they roast all their coffee to order to ensure it is as fresh as possible. Forth believe that good coffee is an essential part of life and each detail in every aspect of the process can make a difference. From the farm, during transport, roasting, packing and delivery - all of this can make the difference between an average cup and a great tasting cup.


Forth Espresso Blend

Cup characteristics: Expect spicy, chocolately and earthy flavours

A blend designed consisting of our Brazilian Santos, Indian Monsoon Malabar and Vietnamese G1 coffees.


Ethiopian Limu

Cup Characteristics: Flavours of Citrus, spice and wine.

Our Ethiopian Limu is certified as both Fairtrade and Organic. 

We are proud to contribute 2% of the proceeds from sales of all of are Ethiopian coffees to the Northwood African Education Foundation who provide free education to over 300 Ethiopian school children.