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Galician Beef Sirloin Joint - 2.1kg


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 The ultimate celebration joint. Tender, lean meat, with just the right covering of natural fat to keep it juicy and full of flavour. Easy to carve, for beautiful results when you serve up: a real luxury.

Our Galician Beef Sirloin Joint comes from mature Spanish cattle that have roamed the Galician hills for up to 10 years, before being dry-aged by our Master Butcher to relax the meat to tenderness and concentrate the luscious beef flavour. All our Galician beef carries some wonderful creamy fat and a high level of marbling, with a lasting, red wine-like flavour.

With slightly less fat content than rib-eye, our Galician sirloin is the perfect joint for roasting and serving rare to medium rare, which helps retain its moisture and flavour. Carefully rolled and tied by our Master Butcher in Spain to help the joint maintain its shape, making it easier to carve and producing some wonderful round slices of delicious Galician roast beef.

Please note this will be delivered frozen