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Hot & Spicy Sauces - Edinburgh Preserves - 6 Sauces

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Six amazing Sauces from around the world! Each brimming with Spices, flavour and varying degrees of Heat!

The Caribbean Hot sauce is a classic from Barbados and is perfect with Meat, Poultry or Fish.

Named after the town of Jalapa in Mexico, the Jalapeno Sauce has distinctly fresh grassy flavour making it a favourite among Chilli lovers.

The Cajun is a typical aged red pepper Louisiana style Hot sauce. The Teriyaki is amazing. It adds a totally new dimension to Stir Fry, Tempura, Chicken or Beef dishes. Makes a great marinade, dip or even salad dressing!

Beware of the Naga Sauce, its seriously hot with 1 million scoville ponts on the heat scale!

Contains –

Mexican Jalapeno Sauce 59ml, Teriyaki Sauce 59ml, Caribbean Sauce 59ml, Naga Chilli Sauce 59ml, Sriracha Sauce 59ml and Cajun Hot sauce 59ml.



Allergens: Bisulphite, Soy and Mustard
Suitable for vegetarians: Yes
Suitable for vegans: Yes