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Iberico Ham - Montanegra - 100g (sliced)

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Cured for 36 months gives flavour you won't find in the supermarkets.
Pre-sliced for ease of use - All you have to do is open, eat & enjoy.
Taste takes center stage thanks to naturally low salt levels in Iberico ham.

Iberico ham has a deep, rich nutty flavour and comes from the legendary Iberian breed of black pigs known as pata negra pigs. The animals have at least a hectare of wooded pastures called dehesas and are fed on a diet of grass and the best acorns from holm and cork oak trees. This provides the hams distinctive aroma and exquisite taste. It also means that no other cured ham can beat Montanegra Iberico Ham, this is the real thing! Montanegra Iberico ham is cured for a minimum of three years. As the seasons change from the cold of winter through spring and summer, 40% of the fat melts away, coating the ham in flavour. As the second year passes, the ham undergoes complex changes that produce incredible layers of flavour. The result is a tender and delicious ham, deep red in colour with a very mild saltiness.

To serve Montanegra Iberico Ham, open the pack and allow the ham to breathe for 30 minutes, just like a bottle good wine. Serve on a warm plate so the ham reaches the ideal serving temperature.