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Kupela Basque Cider - 330ml


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Kupela Sparkling Basque cider is a modern take on the traditional ciders of the Basque region. Made with wild Basque apples, this cider has the light, crunchy zest and natural carbonation expected from modern cider drinkers. A modern craft cider that is nevertheless still made in the time honoured traditions of Basque cider making and fermented in the large kupela or barrel from which this cider takes its name.
Kupela have drafted in the skills of master cider maker Augustin Etxeberria who has distilled the unique flavours of Basque cider for this small family run business, giving it a new and fresh outlook, in keeping with the demands of today’s cider drinkers.

Light and sparkling with an intense apple flavour, Kupela cider is gluten-free and low in alcohol (4% ABV) so makes a great alternative to beer. It’s apple freshness makes it a perfect partner to tapas, pintxos and northern Spanish foods and is best served chilled. It is made with 100% fresh apples and no additives or colouring.