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Lanson Rosé Champagne - 750ml


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This classy pink Champagne fizzes with floral scent and berry and grape flavours. With its gorgeous pink tint and sophisticated flavour make this bottle a winner whatever the occasion, whether you’re drinking it or giving it as a present.
This bubbly is pure class from Lanson, the legendary Champagne house which practically invented the sparkling rose. This lovely bubbly is made from the blending of the three classic Champagne grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. As it’s not a vintage Champagne, the house is able to use up to about 50 wines from different vintages to create their signature style Champagne, which is aged for three years in their underground cellars. That way the taste is always consistent in this fab rose – by which we mean that it’s always got a hugely attractive floral scent and fruit flavours of an almost unmatched intensity and deliciousness.
This one is an excellent choice for a big announcement, serve it chilled and let the good news sink in. Or share the joy and give it as a present to a special someone on their special day.