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Munar Sobrasada Spanish Sausage - 400g


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Sobrasada is a traditional soft, cured sausage from Mallorca made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices which has been made by Embutidos Munar for over 70 years. Sobrasada is the national sausage of the Balearic Islands, and Sobrasada Munar is the authentic sobrasada now available in the UK. Starting with premium quality free-range pork, they add a little sea salt and sun dried paprika from Tap de Corti in Mallorca. Because of their balmy semi-tropical climate, islanders on Mallorca and Menorca are unable to fully dry-cure their meat, as is done on the mainland. Instead, they preserve their meat by mixing it with a local type of paprika and age it for a short time. The result is sobrasada, a finely ground soft pork sausage of excellent quality. It is unique for its soft-spreadable texture and is used for cooking or as a spread. About 2.5 inches thick.


Sobrasada is usually spread on crusty bread and toasted until it melts there is no other sausage from Mallorca more typical than sobrasada (locally known as sobreasada). You can also use sobrasada as a filling to pasta dishes, fried with sea food or meat as part of a sauce or garnish, making it one of the most versatile products of all Spanish cured meats.


Each sobrasada comes wrapped in an attractive paper wrap with each piece weighs around 350g. Once opened keep in the refrigerator and consume within 5 days. The product has 9 months shelf life from date of manufacture. Gluten free.