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Negroni - The Moor House Cocktail Co - 200ml

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The Story

It’s 1919, Florence, Italy. The flamboyant Count Camillo Negroni sits at his regular seat in the Casoni Bar on Tornabuoni Street. He asks the bartender for more kick in his Americano (a drink comprising Campari, Sweet Vermouth & Soda). The bartender ingeniously swaps the soda with Gin and the rest is history.

Ready to Stir.

Pour into a mixing glass with ice and stir briskly for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled tumbler with ice and garnish with the zest or wedge of an orange. Alternatively stir with ice directly in the glass.

The Ingredients

Premium London Dry Gin, Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino, Campari, Sea Salt

ABV 28%

About Moor House Cocktail Co

London’s famed and illustrious Notting Hill is home to the Moore House Cocktail Company; purveyors of luxurious handcrafted small batch cocktails, ready to shake or stir. We’re a small team, passionate about cocktails, bars and absolutely everything in between. We believe an exceptional service, presentation and experience are just as important as that first sip.

It all started with making cocktails at home. We loved the experience, but not the cost. Stocking a home bar takes time, money and attention. Not to mention perishable ingredients such as vermouth, becoming ticking time bombs in your fridge. So we started batching. We started bottling. And eventually we started sharing.

We use only the best ingredients, batching small and often, bottling fresh and carefully; some things are best done by hand.

200ml is a Minimum of 2 Servings