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Picualia Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml


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For an authentic taste of world class olive oil, look to Picualia. With an award-winning eco-friendly Mill and a clear mission to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oils available, offering discerning consumers a delicious and genuinely health-benefiting alternative to mass-produced oils. Picualia are a part of the exclusive Jaen Seleccion 2019 and official partners of ‘The Worlds 50 Best Michelin star restaurants’ Available in a variety of size presentations and taste profiles to suit every taste and budget.

What's unique about picualia?

Everything! With technology changing immensely over the years. Picualia are at the forefront of EVOO production and have the only state of the art eco friendly mill in Spain.  Using the very latest environmentally friendly technology Picualia has the ability to produce the freshest purest Extra virgin Olive Oil possible. The resulting oil is then stored in a sterile, stable environment protected from all light, heat and aromas. Picualia only bottle upon order ensuring our oil delivered retains its incredible freshness and flavour.

Picualia oils are perfect as a finishing oil for just about anything - or to cook with; they are very stable with a high smoke point.