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Roots Soda Co - Low Sugar Soda Made in Edinburgh - 6 pack x250ml Cans

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At Roots Soda Company, we make and can our–handmade–soda at our own soda works in Granton, Edinburgh.

We do not use artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, or concentrates.
Instead, our sodas are made from real ingredients that are lightly processed.

Lightly processed means that we squeeze fresh fruit and vegetables for their juice, which is then pasteurised. Fresh herbs and whole spices are steeped, or simmered, and then pasteurised too. Our pasteurised ingredients are then blended together with raw cane sugar and filtered water.

Superposition is an apple, orange and hop soda. It has 49% less sugar than most
sodas–in a like for like comparison. It is handmade with 10–lightly processed–ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: water, orange juice 12%, apple juice 11%, white grapefruit juice 9%, raw
cane sugar 3.5%, basil, hibiscus, simcoe & mosaic hops, and clove.