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Rora Dairy - Scottish Fudge Yoghurt - 490g

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Scottish Fudge Live Yogurt
We've mixed our cows' milk with creamy Scottish fudge to create this extra special yogurt - a deliciously indulgent treat.

About Rora Dairy
Our yogurt is made right here on our farm. We only use non-homogenised milk direct from the dairy on the day of production. This means we can set to work straight away creating our delicious yogurt. And, because the milk is pasteurised, it’s safe for everyone to enjoy. The only thing we add is a touch of skimmed-milk powder, to give it some extra thickness, and live culture which helps turn the milk into yogurt.
Yogurt is a very sensitive product. That’s why every batch is made with painstaking care and tenderness to deliver the same consistent, delicious and creamy product time and time again.