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Sauerkraut - Made by EFD - 250g


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Lacto-fermented white cabbage, the only ingredients are cabbage, scottish sea salt and love. This process allows bacteria cultures to produce lactic acid which forms that tangy-funkiness that we would all associate with sauerkraut. Matured for around 2 weeks at the perfect temperature then placed in the fridge for the flavours to intensify. This preservation method allows us to retain all of the nutrients of the raw cabbage along with bacteria cultures that have many health benefits. 

Beautifully paired with fatty or braised meats and as a pickle-style condiment to accompany sausages and charcuterie. 

For those who may not be as familiar with lacto-fermentation, it is a process of salting raw fruit or vegetables under controlled conditions to allow only the correct bacteria cultures to survive, so they can go on to produce the lactic acid needed to preserve the product indefinitely. Once the equilibrium has been reached we transfer the produce to a fridge to slow the process and mature the flavours. This is the perfect way to preserve your favourite fruits and vegetables so they can be enjoyed all year round, also helping to reduce your carbon footprint and food wastage as nothing will ever go in the bin again!