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Scottish Blossom Honey - Edinburgh Honey Co - 400g

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Hello! We are Marta and Andy, and we are beekeepers form Edinburgh. We specialize in rare, high quality, raw honey, which we source from our own apiaries both in Scotland and Poland.

Our beekeeping tradition reaches back to 1957 when our grandfather Witold has started his first apiary in Poland after his initial training in Scotland during WWII. We are a third generation of beekeepers in our family and proudly cultivate our heritage in Scotland.

Our mission is to provide high quality honey at a reasonable price with as small environmental impact as possible. That is why in our branding, packaging and shipping, we use only recycled materials.

Our Scottish Blossom Honey honey comes from our own apiary at the Falkland estate in Fife
It is located in the heart of the estate near apple orchard.
Our bees get to enjoy apple blossom nectar as well as clover, himalayan balsam, oak, lime and other wildflowers.