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Slow Cooked Beef Brisket - 330-350g


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We buy whole "packer cut" Scottish brisket.  We trim just the right amount of fat, and leave it for two days in spice rub with plenty of salt and brown sugar.  We then cook it gently until a good amount of the fat has rendered, and the meat is just tender, but still has some satisfying bite.  We then chill and portion the meat, and the brisket is ready for you to use!

Each bag contains two portions of cooked brisket, totalling approx 330-350g.  The brisket is gently cooked and portioned, making it a really flexible and convenient product allowing you to enjoy slow cooked brisket, without ordering a years supply of meat in one go and tearing your hair out trying to maintain the temperature in an offset smoker for 15 hours!  

Ways we love to use this brisket:

  • Stick in on a hot bbq for 5 minutes each side and glaze with some honey and vinegar
  • Pan fry until crispy on the outside and glaze with hot sauce and maple syrup
  • Turn into tacos, fajitas, burritos, or anything you should eat with a margarita.
  • Between two slices of your favourite brioche bun, sourdough, rye, or even a steamed bun....