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Strong Bread Flour - Mungoswells - North Berwick - 1.5kg

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The McDowall family bought Mungoswells in 1920 from Hopetoun Estates and moved from Galloway in 1924. Mungoswells is an arable farm north of Haddington in the 'bread basket' county of East Lothian. We farm cereals, beans and clover on our 550 acres, 235 acres of this areOrganic and the rest Conventional (Non-Organic). 

Our flour is made entirely from wheat grown in East Lothian. We grow different varieties of wheat (some organic and some not) suitable for making different types of flour. Hard wheat varieties such as Paragon or Mulika are used for strong bread flour while soft wheats like Consort or Tuxedo make plain or self raising flour for cakes biscuits etc.

 Unlike commercial white flour ours has small darker flecks in it. These are tiny particles of bran, the outer protective skin on a grain of wheat which contains more protein and fibre and adds flavour. Our wholemeal flours truly have nothing taken out or put in. The flakes of bran can be seen throughout. 

Many delicious things can be made with our range of flours, from all types of bread such as wholemeal bread and a malted loaf, to pizzas, cakes and scones with our plain or self raising flour.