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The Drinks Bakery - Mature Cheddar, Chilli & Almond Savoury Biscuits - 110g


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We use the award winning St. Andrews Farmhouse mature cheddar from the east coast of Scotland which is powerful, tangy and fruity with a long finish. There’s a really satisfying, smoky, warm spice richness that doesn’t overpower and balances many great drinks.


  • Belgian style fruity beers

  • Cask finished craft beer

  • Riesling & Malbec style red wines

  • Ciders and craft lagers

  • Peaty, smoky whisky 

About The Drinks Bakery 

The Drinks Bakery was founded by Andy Murray in 2016. Andy travelled Europe in a campervan with his foodie-obsessed family every summer as a child. Eating in cafes, bars and brasseries. He started baking at 10, was a decent cook by 14 and wine qualified by 19. He’s since owned restaurants, a gastro pub and a wine business. Andy continues to eat and drink his way around the world, fuelling his desire to create a more thoughtful link between the worlds of craft, premium drinks and the common snack. 

The fruits of this labour are in your hands… enjoy!