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Isle of Mull Cheddar - 200g


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Isle of Mull cheese is a traditional farmhouse cheddar cheese, produced on the only dairy farm on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland.

The artisan cheese and the farm are both very much a family affair. Run by Jeff and Chris Reade and two of their four sons, the dairy, Sgriob-ruadh farm, has been running since 1999. They are extremely welcoming of visitors to the farm, and continue to the ancient island craft of producing cheeses that are as natural as possible, drawing from the limited resources of the island’s provisions.

Tasting Notes

The Isle of Mull cheese is a hard, cows milk, cheddar cheese with quite a sharp taste, with hints of the fruity, yeasty and slightly alcoholic cows feed offering a feisty lingering tang.

Quite a moist, and soft textured cheddar which is complex, deep and strong.

How to Enjoy

Isle of Mull cheese works really well with a full bodied red wine, to compliment the slight yeasty, alcoholic lilt, or even a wee dram of Dalmore single malt whisky, to stay true to the cheese roots.

Also really well complimented by crackers, oatcakes or a fruity chutney.